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Tales of Tide and Honey

These paintings are interconnected. The inspiration for the seaweed paintings comes from the seaweed I've collected from the shoreline and brought to my garden. This seaweed nourishes the soil, creating the foundation for healthy vegetables and vibrant flowers. The "starflower," also known as borage, is another central element in this collection. It blooms anew each year and plays a crucial role in sustaining honeybees throughout the growing season. Interestingly, borage has a historical association with treating melancholy, adding a layer of symbolism to the work. Most of my gardening practices, including beekeeping, are steeped in traditions that revolve around planting in accordance with the phases of the moon. This collection aims to capture the symbiotic relationships between various species, with honey emerging as one of the ultimate outcomes, symbolising the intricate "cycle of life."

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