'Comparable to a honeybee collecting vital essences from different flora, I gather ideas from philosophical, mystical and artistic disciplines alongside life experiences. My ideas could be described as my pollen, I transform them into something more refined, my honey'.

I am a Scottish artist based on the Isle of Skye working primarily in research-led, multi-disciplinary projects. Materials I utilise to execute my ideas I call my collaborators, normally they have symbolic, cultural and historical meanings. Using fine art processes and often unusual materials to explore our relationship to the natural world and observe its subtle rhythms. my intention has been to examine the idea that there exists an inherent intelligence within nature. Research stems from a deep curiosity for the ancient wisdom of both East and West, travelling, beekeeping and my innate connection to the Western Isles of Scotland.

Currently I'm developing work for two online exhibitions. The first one is 'Collective Isolation' with The Bridge Art Collective which launches in June and in July I shall be exhibiting in a mother and daughter collaboration 'The Golden Ratio"

© 2020 Meg Miller, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND

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