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Sacred Cow (Ongoing project)

"Sacred Cow" is a multi-faceted art project that delves into the healing practices of Ayurvedic Medicine and the role of ritual in the process of creation. This project also draws inspiration from my childhood experiences on the Island of Skye. The theme of "Sacred Cow" is centered on the idea of using art as a way to heal and connect with our deeper selves. Through this project, I aim to explore the ways in which traditional medicinal practices can be blended with artistic expression, resulting in a holistic and transformative experience. The title "Sacred Cow" is a reference to the revered status of cows in Ayurvedic culture and the symbolism of the cow as a nurturing and sustaining force. This project is an ongoing exploration, as I continue to discover new ways to merge art and healing through the lens of Ayurvedic Medicine.

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