Utilizing fine art disciplines such as painting, sculpture and performance as vehicles to express my ideas and creativity, my practise traverses all these specialities to create a series of works which are often symbolic and embedded with cultural significance.


I am dedicated to my own vision and remain detached from everchanging trends in the art world. My imagination is sparked by the discovery of the fundamental and frequently abstract forms in nature. Primary subjects are flora & fauna, flotsam & jetsam, and the surrounding landscapes around my home and garden. Enlarged close-ups of flowers and mountains bring the viewer right into my pictures. Enlarging the tiniest detail, emphasizing shapes and lines making the overall image appear abstract, when in fact they were based on close examinations of nature. My work tends to follow the seasons and I also like to create still life arrangements using found and made objects. Strange juxtapositions and differences in size and scale often lead to surreal compositions.


I have always felt a deep connection to my home on Skye, the rivers, hillsides, shores and forests. I am fascinated by local folklore, archaeology and ancient traditions. My main mission is one of discovery, to realise my relationship with nature and the endless cycle of beginnings and endings.  


Meg Miller’s paintings invite us to partake in an intimate journey from the eye of the bee and the centre of the flower; source of the pollen and the pollinator. She attempts to capture how they view one another, each both taking and receiving in a symbiotic sensual dance. In entering their secret garden, which often entails magnifying the area under discussion Miller defines her own personal language. Her style can be seen as minimal, loose and yet lively. She attempts to capture the essence of her subject and represent it in such a way as to invite the audience to step inside, to view life with a different lens and scale through bursts of vibrant colour and bold form.