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3 Women | 3 Generations | 3 Artists


August 24th - September 21st 2020

Cosey Toes

Meg Miller 


"My practice is in a constant state of flux. I work with various disciplines and a variety of materials. More recently, oil paint and pallet knife, selecting what I think best fits my ideas at the time and sometime just following my natural instincts. Presently my interests are concerned with the interrelationships between several subject matter including my garden, the apiary and a pondering of experiences that seem to be inexplicable. The nature of the universe and humanity’s place in it is a question that’s always on the back of my mind. As a springboard for this work I decided to take a Bee’s eye view of the world and enter their secret garden, which often entails magnifying the area under discussion. I always strive to develop my own personal language which expresses my feeling and concepts." 

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