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3 Women | 3 Generations | 3 Artists


August 24th - September 21st 2020

Casey Toes

Peta Grounds


Peta Grounds has always had an interest in working with fabrics and yarns of all types. For this exhibition we have a collection of her quilts, two of which are hand-sewn paper pieced quilts which she has made during the recent lockdown. The first is 'Scrap Buster' which is made from elongated hexagons using civil war reproduction fabrics and the second incorporates one-inch diamonds '1,000 Diamonds Locked In'


“I took this opportunity to use some fabric purchased at the beginning of this year and other fabric bought at least twenty years ago. I buy fabric that I like at every opportunity and often recycle so I always have plenty available when inspiration strikes. I find it intensely satisfying working with colour, pattern and texture to transform ideas into useful items such as quilts, cushions, bags and clothing. I usually have several projects on the go at one time, frequently combining hand and machine sewing and quilting.”

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