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3 Women | 3 Generations | 3 Artists


August 24th - September 21st 2020

Coesy Toes

Rose Grounds


Rose Grounds has always enjoyed exploring different ways of being creative and experimenting with traditional and digital media. She sees art as a form of play and therapeutic expression. For this exhibition we have some pieces combining traditional portraiture and surreal abstract expressionism. She was inspired by thoughts of the ancestral tree, the triple goddess, floral patterns and family portraits that might hang above a hearth of a home.

"This year I found myself doing more portraiture, and even more so during the lockdown period. Most of these have been painted with Gouache. I find this paint to be flexible in its drying process. It has an ability to be opaque as well transparent, and this matches my way working which is sometimes quite quickly. I like to work with a pastel palette and add elements of nature in my work. Remaining present helps me to engage with the act of making, and I find this helps the flow."

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