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Through my oil paintings, I depict the captivating journey of life, from the delicate emergence of seedlings to the radiant bloom of flowers, and the graceful decay of flora and seaweed. Each piece conveys the interconnectedness and symbiosis of nature, capturing not only its physical beauty but also its essence and personality. Drawing inspiration from the lush sanctuary of my garden and apiary to the serene shores, my art invites viewers to explore the profound spiritual connection between humans and the natural world, encouraging them to see beyond the surface and connect with the soul of each subject. It's a shared journey of existence that I aim to evoke and share, inviting audiences to embrace the beauty and wisdom inherent in the cycles of life."


For any enquires please Contact Me.

A small selection of paintings are available to buy online. Free postage for UK purchases. For overseas orders please get in touch beforehand. 

Meg Miller's paintings offer a unique and intimate perspective on the relationship between bees and flowers. Through her use of bold colors and forms, and her tendency to magnify and focus on specific areas, Miller invites us into the secret world of these pollinators and their symbiotic dance. Her minimal yet lively style allows us to see the essence of her subjects and to view the world through a different lens, as if stepping inside the scene itself. In doing so, Miller creates her own personal language and invites us to join her on this sensory journey.

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