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"Each winter, I embark on a ritual of gathering seaweed to nourish my garden for the impending growing season. This endeavour becomes more than a mere chore; it's an immersion into a world of enchanting shapes and forms. From the moment I begin collecting to the gentle application in my garden beds, I am entranced by the myriad intricacies it presents. These intricacies, each a miniature marvel, compel me to capture them in my drawings, inviting observers into a realm of exquisite detail. Yet, it's when I take a step back that a whole new dimension reveals itself—a microcosm teeming with the peculiar and fantastical. In this alternate reality, seemingly lifeless seaweed morphs into ambiguous, almost human-like figures, inviting contemplation and wonder."



For any enquires please Contact Me.

A small selection of drawings are available to buy online. Free postage for UK purchases. For overseas orders please get in touch beforehand. 

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