Sculpture, performance and other art works

by contemporary artist Meg Miller

© 2020 by Meg Miller

Isle of Skye SCOTLAND

Often utilizing unusual environmental and organic materials my work traverses a number of fine art disciplines. Through these methods, my intention has been to examine the idea of an inherent intelligence within nature using creative processes. Research stems from a deep curiosity for the ancient wisdom of both East and West, gardening, my role as an apiarist and my innate connection to the Western Isles of Scotland. For this inquiry, I extract from a variety of resources including archival materials, travelling and spending time in nature. Comparable to a honeybee collecting vital essences from different flora, I gather ideas from philosophical, mystical and artistic disciplines alongside life experiences. My ideas could be described as my pollen, I transform them into something more refined, my honey.

Panning for Gold

March 1st 2019

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